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James Kody
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I came across a term today and on the first (and second) read, I thought was just a typo. I read it a third time and then it made sense. The gist of the article was about a growing trend to interpret scripture and preach it in a way that is entertaining; thus the term "enterpretating".

For years, I have talked [complained] about the watering down and sugar-coating of Biblical truths in order to make them more "seeker-friendly" and palatable. You know, things like, "hell is real" and "you will be held accountable for your choices and actions while on this earth". We must always remember, truth is never popular!

Is "enterpretating" even a thing? .. and if so, is it just the next phase of our modern church culture? I mean, we have already watered down the Gospel to the point where the original message is mostly lost and we have banned the preaching of hell, fire and brimstone because it makes people feel uncomfortable. Now, we are going to develop a church culture where scripture is interpreted in a way that we are entertained by it instead of allowing it to change us? It is bad enough that our "worship" is nothing more than a rock concert and now we are going to have the preacher get up and and do stand-up comedy for 45 minutes? Is that really where we are going??

God help us. God help us all!

Apols if this seems like a rant. It was not intended to be one but this one just rubbed me the wrong way.

Blessings ...

Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2020 9:25 am
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